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Since 1976, Davis Hospital and Medical Center has provided first-class emergency care for Davis and Weber counties and the surrounding areas. Treating thousands of patients per month, the Davis Hospital and Medical Center Emergency Department has made a name for itself as a top facility for all patients experiencing emergency medical situations. 

Visit us at our main hospital location in Davis County or at the freestanding location on the Weber Campus in Roy.


Treating Stroke Victims With Innovative Technology
Davis Hospital and Medical Center is proud to partner with the University of Utah Hospital’s TeleStroke program. Through a partnership with the University’s Clinical Neurosciences Center, our team can provide world-class support to stroke victims. 

When a stroke victim enters our facilities, we know that every second counts. If a local neurologist isn’t immediately available, TeleStroke allows our team to bring a University of Utah neurologist (on-call 24 hours per day) into the emergency room, utilizing real-time videoconferencing and teleradiology.

Through TeleStroke, the on-call neurologist can guide Davis Hospital and Medical Center health care providers in administering acute stroke treatment with thrombolytics (medications that break down clots). With a live video stream, it’s as if the neurologist is actually in the room, working with a highly qualified emergency physician in diagnosing and treating the stroke victim with the appropriate treatment.