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Breast Health

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When it comes to breast cancer, most women know the facts. One in eight will develop breast cancer in her life. Surprisingly, more than 80% of those cases occur with no risk factors. Unfortunately, not every woman acts on the facts.

Every woman can – and should – take action to reduce her chance of developing breast cancer. And, when it comes to mitigating risk, there’s no better way to stay safe than by having an annual mammogram. Mammograms and related breast exams have dramatically reduced the number of deaths caused by breast cancer. In fact, breast cancer-related deaths have been reduced by 30% since 1990, largely due to advances in mammography.

Women in the Layton, UT area have access to a technologically advanced full-service breast center at Davis Hospital and Medical Center. As a full service breast center, our facilities include:

When it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal lumps and bumps, there’s no better place to be in northern Utah than Davis Hospital and Medical Center. Learn more about our services below.

3D Mammography
In October 2014, Davis Hospital and Medical Center became the first hospital in northern Utah to offer 3D mammograms. This technology is over 41% more accurate than traditional mammograms, allowing for earlier detection and fewer false alarms and callbacks. Call (801) 807-7120 to schedule your 3D mammogram at our Layton campus. Click here to learn more.

Digital Mammography
Both Davis Hospital campuses use the Selenia digital mammography system by Hologic for full-field digital imaging. This system allows the technologist to get instantaneous images with pinpoint accuracy. Our technology isn’t the only thing that sets our teams apart. The technologists on both of our campuses perform mammography-related exams exclusively, making them experts in their field.



Breast Ultrasound
A breast ultrasound is a harmless and non-invasive way for a specialist to view breast tissues. This type of technology is often used to see breast tissue near the chest wall, confirm or deny abnormal results from a mammogram, and help guide a needle during a breast biopsy.

Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (SonoCiné®)
For women with dense breast tissue, mammograms can sometimes be difficult to interpret – even for a trained professional. After all, the average size of breast cancer discovered by this screening ultrasound is less than a half-inch thick. That’s why Davis Hospital and Medical Center uses SonoCiné®, an automated whole breast ultrasound. As one of only two facilities in Utah with SonoCiné® technology, our Breast Center is able to offer real value to the women of Davis and Weber counties.

Breast MRI
A breast MRI is a common imaging test that lasts approximately 60 minutes start to finish. The MRI allows the technologist to get a 3-D view of a suspicious lump or mass, or investigate the integrity of your breast implants. Our breast MRI uses a dedicated breast coil, which allows the team to fine-tune the settings for each breast on every patient. The result is a more accurate high-resolution image.

Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsy
If a radiologist notices an abnormality in your mammogram, then a minimally invasive breast biopsy, which removes a small tissue sample, can help confirm or deny the presence of cancer without the need for surgery. Your radiologist will use advanced targeting and image guided technology to remove a sample. A very small incision and local anesthesia is all that’s necessary for this biopsy.

A DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) scan is a safe, low-dose radiation method for determining bone density. During a DEXA scan, two x-ray beams are emitted: one with a high energy level and one with a low energy level. The difference between these two beams helps the radiologist determine your bone density, which is key in diagnosing osteoporosis.

Breast Cancer Treatment
Davis Hospital and Medical Center in Layton, Utah is a full breast cancer treatment facility. As a breast cancer patient at Davis Hospital and Medical Center, your case will be discussed by your physicians at our multi-disciplinary tumor board, which aids in planning the best treatment option for your cancer. In addition to offering an innovative multi-disciplinary approach, we are committed to caring for your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Learn more about the risk factors for breast cancer

Certified Breast Cancer Patient Navigators
The personal fight against breast cancer is a huge challenge – even if you have a strong support system to help you through. A certified Breast Cancer Patient Navigator at Davis Hospital and Medical Center can help you every step of the way. Your Breast Cancer Patient Navigator will supervise the continuity of your care, from diagnosis and treatment to follow up care into survivorship.

Genetic BRCA Testing
BRCA1 and BRCA2, often referred to as the “breast cancer genes,” function as tumor suppressors. These genes stop abnormal growths (tumors) from developing in the breasts, as well as other areas of the body. When these genes are mutated, the risk of cancer can increase. Breast cancer gene testing, along with other family history information, can help you determine your risk for developing breast cancer. Ask your physician if BRCA testing is right for you. Watch Dr. Jason Stinnett of the Davis Hospital and Medical Center Oncology Department discuss the BRCA gene on KUTV Channel 2.

Our Locations
Visit either of our two convenient locations for breast cancer screening.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center
2132 North 1700 West
Suite B100
Layton, UT 84041

The Breast Cancer Center is located in the Bitner Building just west of the hospital, which makes parking convenient for our patients. You’re in and out in no time!

Davis Hospital Weber Campus
3451 West 5600 South
Roy, UT
(801) 807-7120

Our Weber Campus is conveniently located in South Roy, where parking is hassle-free.