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Practice Opportunities
If you are interested in practice opportunities, please email, or click here for a listing of current opportunities

M.D. Portal
If you are a physician on our medical staff, you can view up-to-date patient information, including your patient's chart, lab and radiology results by using our secure physician portal. Click Here to login.

I-CARE is a centralized support system for clinical research activities within the IASIS Healthcare system. We provide all the tools investigators, coordinators, and sponsors need in one easy-to-use location. Go to I-CARE website >

Novo Office Assistant
To download a PDF with more information on Novo Office Assistant, or to submit your information online to get started, just click here.

Online Hospital Affiliation Verification Letter
Davis Hospital and Medical Center is pleased to provide you with a new automated system called Re-Portal to provide quick and accurate on-line hospital affiliation verification. This service is available for credentialed practitioners that are past and current members of our medical and allied health staff. Once your selection is made, a letter will immediately print with your hospital name and the information you requested. If you cannot locate a practitioner, please fax a request to our Medical Staff Office at 801-807-7045. We will be more than happy to help you. To access the online verification letter click here.

Standing Admission Orders
   • Acute Coronary Syndrome (AMI/Chest Pain)
   • Atrial Fibrillation
   • Cerebral Vascular Accident
   • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
   • Deep Venous Thrombosis
   • Diabetic Ketoacidosis/Uncontrolled Diabetes
   • Gastrointestinal Bleed
   • Heart Failure
   • Hypertension/Hypertensive Crisis
   • Pneumonia
   • Syncope

Scheduling Forms
   • Surgery/Procedure Scheduling Form

Doc Talk
   • Issue Archive

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